The vital importance of the ‘three Rs’ has taken on a whole new significance for the leading conference, exhibition and outdoor events centre NAEC Stoneleigh.

However, the top Midlands conference and exhibition space isn’t brushing up on reading, writing and arithmetic, rather than pulling out all the stops to ensure Reducing, Reusing and Recycling is at the top of its agenda.

The 250-acre Warwickshire venue has conducted a thorough review of its internal operations and is working closely with clients to cut down on waste and improve sustainability.

The aim is very simple but incredibly important – to reduce the waste and be more sustainable.

The mindset of the industry is changing, and more organisers are now asking for a venue’s credentials regarding sustainability and putting the onus on the venue to deliver.

At NAEC, we have already implemented a push for more sustainability and less waste throughout the business.

All our waste goes through the vigorous sorting system run by the local council which specifically separates all the recyclable elements and treats them accordingly. Even the non-recyclable waste is sent to a processing plant which turns ‘waste to energy’.

Our electrical energy is sourced from a supplier that uses 100% renewable energy. Onsite we are replacing all failed lights with energy efficient LEDs and have installed motion sensors in key areas, which automatically turn lights off after a set period.

We post our used printer cartridges back to the supplier who recycles them, with 89 per cent turned into renewable energy.

In our toilets and bathrooms, we use wall-mounted dispensers with eco-friendly products to reduce our waste and impact on the environment. We are also moving away from paper towels and increasing the use of electrical more efficient hand dryers.

The ability to fill and refill from large containers avoids the need for small, single-use plastic in all the restrooms and throughout our on-site hotel. The hotel also has three charging points for electric vehicles.

On the catering side, we have replaced our plastic straws with paper alternatives, sugar sachets with cubes and plastic cutlery is being replaced with wooden.

NAEC Stoneleigh is not content to stop there and will be continually reassessing its operations in a bid to cut down even more on waste.