Flexible column free conference space with in excess of 3000m² floor space, and a maximum ceiling height of 11m. Space for up to 3000 delegates.

A column free flexible conference hall and large meeting area with 4536m² floor space, and a maximum ceiling height of 10m. Fully draped with space for up to 4500 delegates.

A newly refurbished and fully draped conference and meeting hall with a maximum floor space of 3978m², a maximum ceiling height of 6.8m and room for a maximum of 3000 delegates.

A fresh, modern area, with a newly refurbished restaurant and offices, and an additional first floor conference and meeting room offering accommodation for more than 300 people sat theatre style.

4 compact rooms that are great for training, education or interviews; which may also be opened up into one large space.

A 932m² fully draped, carpeted and column free conference and meeting hall, allowing you room to grow. With room for up to 900 delegates.

A 495m² carpeted and column free conference and meeting room with a fabulous outlook overa concourse area and bandstand. Space for up to 250 delegates.

A pair of meeting rooms that may be separated or joined, providing light, functional space that is particularly suitable for meetings or break out rooms that require catering.

With over 800 acres of flexible outdoor space the NAEC Stoneleigh is able to provide parking for over 19,000 vehicles or offer your delegates the chance to get out of the office.