3 halls and a purpose built conference centre, that's 21,000 sqm of covered space and 800 acres of outside space at your disposal.



It is our three large blank canvas halls, covering just over 10,000sqm, alongside 800 acres of outdoor space and conference and meeting rooms that is attracting exhibition organisers.

All halls are permanently draped and can be used independently giving organiser a choice of (hall 1) 3,000sqm, (hall 2) 4,536 sqm, or (hall 2a) 2,400sqm, or linked to provide a larger space. We can support both smaller and larger exhibitions and are perfect for growing exhibitions.

What makes us unique? It’s the combination of indoor and outdoor space, a private road network, camp sites and a 4 x 4 off road track – allowing organisers the opportunity to run traditional events both indoor and outdoor or a mixture of both.



This allows for maximum creativity when planning exhibitions. The Glamping Show utilised 50% indoor/50% outdoor space and created a glamping village directly opposite their exhibition hall. Let’srecycle created an outdoor registration desk and beer garden complete with a two storey pub outside of their exhibition hall.

Our longest standing exhibition is The National Kit Car Motor Show, an expo that has been with us for over 40 years. Automotive events are perfect for our venue, we can offer the very best driving experiences, both on and off-road, over 20% of the venue’s business now comes from this industry. Events such as Race Retro use the site to create a live rally with 120 cars in action.


Last year we expanded our exhibition portfolio further winning clients such as Product Earth, The Target Shooting Show, The Big One and BETA International.

So, what are you waiting for? Your sizable blank canvas awaits!

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